Incident Report

Kern County Fire Department
Battalion Chief Ostrinski

Kevin Ostrinski

DATE: June 13, 2022
TIME: 23:50

Incident Number


Incident tYPE

Location: 9350 Oak Creek Rd
Closest Community: Mojave
Cause: Undetermined

Incident Narrative

Kern County Fire Department Station 14 found a single person trapped inside a car in an elevator approx. 6 stories up a plant tower. The Battalion Chief consulted with the plant manager and secured power to the elevator and confirmed lock out tag. The plant manager started an elevator mechanic, and a plan was developed to perform a rescue of the victim, and USAR 52 was notified. 
Crews placed a rope rescue system in place for firefighter and victim safety. Access to the elevator shaft was gained through the doors and secured in the open position. While attached to the main and safety line, a firefighter entered the shaft on top of the car, opened the roof access panel and placed an attic ladder into the opening. A harness was lowered to the victim and he was instructed on proper placement. The victim then exited the car through the roof utilizing the ladder and was secured to the rope system via the harness. Firefighters assisted the victim off the car and to the 6th floor landing. 


Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0

Property Lost/Saved

Estimated Value LOSS: $1
Estimated Value SAVED: $0

KCFD Equipment Assigned

Engines: E12, E13, E14
Patrols: P12, P13
Trucks: _None
Specialty Equipment: B1, USAR52

Total Personnel


Assisting Agencies

Hall Ambulance

On Call Fire Information Officer

Phone: 661-331-4308

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