Fire Chief’s Message

Kern County Fire Department

Fire Chief  

Aaron Duncan

"The Kern County Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing effective public education, fire prevention, and emergency services. We are committed to proudly serve our community in the safest, most professional, and efficient manner."

Fire & Emergency Services Mission Statement:

To fulfill our mission we will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and continually seek ways to maximize resources while preserving essential services deemed excellent by our customers. We will continually evaluate the type of service, method of delivery and equipment needed to perform our duties.

- Safety first is not just a commitment, it is a way of life
- We are responsible for our actions
- People are our most valuable resource
- We will present a positive appearance and attitude
- Compassion, fairness, and integrity are practiced in all our endeavors
- We will promote the use of quality principles, concepts, and technologies
- Pride, the pursuit of excellence, and commitment to customer service are of paramount importance
- We are accountable to those we serve

Our value to the community is measured by the fulfillment of these commitments

Core Values:

Leadership- "The art of directing and motivating a group of people toward achieving a common goal or strategy."

Integrity- "The consistent demonstration of sound moral and ethical principles unwavering in any circumstances."

Service- "Providing timely, attentive and upbeat service to the customer/communities; making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the department."

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