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Kern County Fire Department


The Fire Prevention Division of the Kern County Fire Dept. inspects all new construction, major remodels, and fire protection system revisions to ensure compliance with the California Fire Code.

For detailed information on the Plan Review and Construction Inspection process or to schedule an inspection, please call 661-391-3310.

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Knox Box Requirements

Ensure first responders have the access they need when an emergency arises.

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Apartment Check-List

State law requires a yearly fire and life safety inspection of each apartment building/complex.

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School Fire Safety Guide

Looking for more information regarding specific permit requirements?

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Day Care/Adult Care Inspection Requirements

Child care centers and homes are required to be licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department.

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Large Family Daycare Fire Alarm Systems

Large family daycare businesses, 9 to 14 children, shall have a manual fire alarm that alerts the occupants of fire

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Temporary Christmas Tree Lots

Permits are required for the sale of Christmas trees. An inspection will be conducted to review the following:

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Fire Code Ordinance

California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 9, 2019 Edition of the California Fire Code being that portion of the California Building Standards Code that imposes substantially the same requirements as are contained in the International Fire Code, 2018 Edition published by the International Code Council and the California Building Standards Commission with errata, together with those portions of the International Fire Code, 2018 Edition, including Appendices, B, C, and D published by the International Code Council not included in the California Building Standards Code, as modified and amended by this chapter, are adopted by this reference into this Chapter, and are hereby collectively declared to be the Kern County Fire Code for the purpose of regulating the safeguarding of life, property, and public welfare to a reasonable degree from the hazards of fire, hazardous materials release and explosion arising from the storage, use and handling of dangerous and hazardous materials, substances and devices, conditions hazardous to life or property in the occupancy and use of buildings and premises, the operation, installation, construction, location, safeguarding and maintenance of attendant equipment, the installation and maintenance of adequate means of egress not provided for by the Building Code, and providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefore..

Fraud Warning

Do Not Get Ripped Off!

BEWARE of fraudulent fire inspectors

In 2010, the County of Kern found individuals and a fire protection company posing as firefighters performing fire inspections of our local businesses. Our investigations revealed that the subjects would enter a business suggesting they represented the fire department and stating they were going to perform the “quarterly fire inspection”. After these fraudulent inspections, businesses would receive an invoice for various services that were allegedly performed. This was then followed by “aggressive and professional collection efforts”.


The Kern County Fire Department conducts fire inspections in all Kern businesses once per calendar year. Business owners should not let anyone inspect their fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, or alarm system unless you know they are legitimate or until requested by Kern County Fire Department personnel when performing their annual fire inspections.


Fire protection companies DO NOT have the authority to require a business to have any work performed if they visit your business.


Thank you for helping us combat this fraud. If you have any questions call the Office of the Fire Marshal at (661) 391-3310.


Fire Protection Business & Professional Requirements

When someone enters your business to perform any type of fire protection work, they must do three things before you should even consider retaining their services.

  1. They must tell you what company they are from, why they are in your business, and produce a business card.
  2. They must tell you what they intend to do and what the estimated costs are before they do anything (DO NOT PAY IN CASH!). Invoicing records are important for your business and legal avenues.
  3. They must leave any parts that they have replaced and charged for you. They must leave you with a signed invoice. (Also know what you are signing with any invoicing.)

We recommend you ask to see their current company identification, a C-16 or C-10 license issued by the California Contractors State License Board or a F.E. Certificate of Registration Card.


You can always refuse service and request, at any time, that a Kern Fire Department Inspector visit your business.

We will gladly advise you of any needed service. Thank you for helping us combat fraud.

Office of the Fire Marshal – Code Enforcement Unit

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are valuable tools to protect lives and reduce property loss. Extinguishers are
required to be serviced by a licensed technician every year and checked every month by a responsible
person within the protected property. Monthly inspections help to ensure that extinguishers are ready and available in an emergency as well as familiarizing company personnel with their location. This guide is
intended to provide the few easy steps to complete a monthly fire extinguisher inspection.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Following the passage of Assembly Bill 433 in 2013 new regulations will go into effect July 1,
2017 requiring Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems (AES) Sprinkler Pipefitters to be certified
by the CAL FIRE – Office of the State Fire Marshal (CAL FIRE – OSFM). The new regulations
will require anyone who installs or repairs water-based fire protection systems to possess the
necessary skills and qualifications to safely and properly install the system so that it will be
operable in its time of need.

KCFD Fire Prevention Information Sheets

Prevention Sheets To Note

Fire Safety Standby

Please complete the Application for Permit and Application for Standby when requesting a Fire Safety Officer (FSO) for filming or special effects event.


Email the completed forms to: A confirmation will be sent when the Applications have been received.


Cost of Permit: $0 – Safety Officer: $150 per hour/minimum 2 hours – Engine with 2 personnel: $235 per hour/minimum 2 hours

Solar Panel Standards

Installing solar panels? Here is some information that might help.

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