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KCFD Engines Broadcast Traffic Safety Alerts

KERN COUNTY, Calif., Your Kern County firefighters respond to a wide variety of emergencies each day. The level of risk to their own health and safety can drastically increase depending on the type of emergency. This was proven at a recent incident where a parked KCFD Fire Engine was crashed into, while on scene of a semi fire along Hwy 46. Regarding roadside emergency operations it is clear, the chance of injury or death to emergency personnel and drivers is high.


In an effort to reduce the risk of collision on scene, and while responding to emergencies, the Kern County Fire Department has once again turned to new technology. This new technology provided by HAAS ALERT was installed in selected Fire Apparatus beginning in September 2021. Over the past two years more equipment has been placed in service with the HAAS ALERT “Safety Cloud”.


How does the “Safety Cloud” work?

“When responders activate apparatus emergency lights, approaching drivers receive real-time digital alerts to slow down and move over. These are delivered via apps, navigation systems, or mobile devices to drivers up to 30 seconds in advance and reduce the risk of collision by up to 90%.” – HAAS ALERT


How many drivers have been alerted by KCFD Apparatus?

In two years of use, 297,814 drivers have been alerted by the “Safety Cloud” installed on KCFD fire apparatus.


The Kern County Fire Department is committed to implementing strategies that reduce risks to first responders AND drivers, while simultaneously maintaining the high levels of service our community expects. As the number of “Safety Cloud” equipped KCFD apparatus increases more drivers will receive alerts, but safe highway habits are still necessary. We ask that drivers remember the following two safety tips: 1) Always yield to oncoming emergency vehicles. 2) Slow down and move over when approaching roadside emergencies.


Photo by: HAAS ALERT

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