Incident Report

Kern County Fire Department

Andrew Freeborn

West Incident - Vegetation Fire
DATE: June 2, 2024
TIME: 17:00

Incident Number


Incident tYPE

Vegetation Fire
Closest Community: Rosamond
Cause: Under Investigation

Incident Narrative

ROSAMOND, Calif., Sunday evening Kern County firefighters found themselves battling a fire that tested their determination. The West Incident represents one of the largest responses from the KCFD thus far in 2024.


While firefighters were wrapping up one vegetation fire in Rosamond another column of smoke was seen in the distance. The Battalion Chief went to investigate without delay, bringing along several KCFD Patrols. They arrived on scene to find a fire spreading quickly in the direction of solar fields and homes. More resources were requested, and the Incident Commander began giving assignments to those on scene. Firefighters got to work, and as they spread out to attack the fire, they found it was even larger than they could initially see from their vantage point. Another order was placed for even more reinforcements.


The firefighters on scene were fighting a fire beyond what their numbers could handle. They would attack the fire and make great progress and then the winds would blow it in a different direction. They would engage and then get pushed back from the intense fire. Repeatedly they would attempt to make a stand but were thwarted by the fire burning over ridges and through canyons. Ultimately the tables turned. More firefighters arrived on scene and in the middle of the night perseverance was rewarded, the fire's spread was stopped. In total 135 Kern County firefighters worked together with assisting agencies to save homes and two solar fields.


When asked about the incident, Battalion Chief and West Incident Commander Kevin Ostrinksi had the following to say, "The most significant takeaway from the night was the unstoppable attitude of the firefighters. On every flank and every division, the firefighters battled through difficult conditions. The fire would push, and they would push back harder. Waive after waive they would battle the fire as it tried to push through them or around them. They closed ranks as it were to reach full containment and save homes."


The fire is now fully contained. It burned 1,575 acres of grass but no homes or infrastructure were destroyed. The cause is under investigation.


Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0

Property Lost/Saved

Estimated Value LOSS: $0
Estimated Value SAVED: $0

KCFD Equipment Assigned

Engines: E12, E14, E15, E46, E64, E311, E316, E318, E335, E345, E356, E363, E366, E378
Patrols: P12, P13, P14, P15, P46, P47, P48, P55, P64
Trucks: None
Specialty Equipment: CREW10, CREW11, BATT1, BATT1C, BATT4, BATT8, BATT14, BATT20, WT12, INFO1, H407, DIV3, SF4, AU5, AU6, DOZ1, DOZ2, DT4, DT5

Total Personnel


Assisting Agencies

BLM, LA County Fire Department, CHP, KCSO

On Call Fire Information Officer

Phone: 1-661-330-0133

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