Incident Report

Kern County Fire Department

Nathan Goossens

Trailer Incident
DATE: May 15, 2023
TIME: 09:53

Incident Number


Incident tYPE

Location: Southbound Interstate 5 at the CHP Scales
Closest Community: Tejon Ranch
Cause: Under Investigation

Incident Narrative

Tejon Ranch, CA., Monday at approximately 9:53 A.M., The Kern County Fire Department responded to a hazardous materials spill at the CHP scales on I-5. Upon arrival of units first on scene, a small amount of fluid was leaking from an over the road tanker trailer. The fluid was identified as petroleum distillates, so an isolation distance of 150 feet was created around the trailer. The Kern County Fire Department’s Haz-Mat Team responded, and made entry to further investigate where the spill was coming from. Environmental health was requested, as well as an ambulance, for precautionary measures. Crews were able to determine that a hatch had not been closed on the trailer, so the product was slushing around as the vehicle was driving down the road. It was determined that the leak was from product that had spilled and was slowly dripping down the side of the trailer. Crews exited the isolation area and turned the incident over to environmental health. All units were back in service at approximately 12:15 P.M.. There were no injuries to firefighters or civilians.


Injuries: 0
Fatalities: 0

Property Lost/Saved

Estimated Value LOSS: $0
Estimated Value SAVED: $0

KCFD Equipment Assigned

Engines: 55
Patrols: None
Trucks: None
Specialty Equipment: Haz-Mat 66, Division 1, Battalion 5, Safety 4, PIO

Total Personnel


Assisting Agencies


On Call Fire Information Officer

Phone: 1-661-330-0133

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