Andrew Freeborn

2024 Independence Day Review

KERN COUNTY, Calif., The 2024 Independence Day holiday was hot and busy for the Kern County Fire Department. From emergency dispatchers to the firefighters on the streets, everyone worked flawlessly together. Even after several days of extreme heat, Kern County firefighters pushed on undaunted from one emergency to the next. 


Listed below are significant Independence Day response and dispatch center statistics.

  • The Emergency Communication Center handled 2,945 calls, a 5% increase from 2023.
  • There was an 81% increase in 911 calls, compared to the previous Thursday (6/27/2024).
  • The KCFD responded to 313 separate emergencies in addition to assisting partner agencies on dozens of other incidents.
  • The KCFD responded to 142 fires.
  • Three significant incidents required the response of 10 or more units.
  • 86% of the 4,126 illegal firework reports were from Bakersfield.
  • In addition to responding to significant emergencies, KCFD Fire Investigators opened 8 new investigations and made approximately 200 contacts for citations.


The Independence Day holiday may be over, but Kern County remains under a Red Flag Warning. During this time, we have an increased risk of fire. Whether you are travelling, recreating, or working, think of ways to avoid starting fires. If you have not downloaded the Genasys Protect app do so now. Use the app and “Know Your Zone” so you are ready and alerted to emergencies nearby.

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