Andrew Freeborn

KCFD Increasing Staffing

KERN COUNTY, Calif., In anticipation of increased emergency activity and extreme high temperatures, the Kern County Fire Department has augmented its staffing for the Independence Day holiday. The increase is approximately 100 personnel above and beyond normal staffing levels. The increased staffing will include Hand Crews, Medical Units, Fire Investigators, Dozers, and Dispatchers. This heightened response is intended to reinforce our ability to protect communities while providing for firefighter safety.
While it is not uncommon to augment staffing on the Fourth of July, this year will see a first. We are happy to announce that we will be able to also increase the level of air support provided within Kern County. In addition to our two KCFD helicopters, we will have another helicopter ready for emergencies, on standby at the Tehachapi airport. Coulson Aviation, a name recognized around the world, will be supporting KCFD operations through the Fourth of July holiday and into the next days of extreme temperatures. The helicopter arrived in Kern County Wednesday afternoon and has already proven itself to be a valuable resource during the Orchard Fire. Keep an eye out for the Sikorsky model S-61 helping your Kern County firefighters.

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