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Prescribed Burn

** UPDATE **

Due to weather, the White Wolf Public Safety Burn on Hwy 223 has been moved to the night of Tuesday, June 25. The temperature will dictate the start time. Due to elevated heat, we expect it will begin later than our initial goal of sunset. 

The Interstate 5 Public Safety Burn will likely also require rescheduling due to wind forecasts. At this point, we must view these prescribed burns as moving targets. 

We will update once accurate information is available. 

News Media: If you are interested in attending the prescribed burn on Hwy 223, please RSVP at If you have already contacted us to RSVP, we will send you updated information. 


The Kern County Fire Department will be conducting several days of Public Safety Prescribed Fire Burns this month, weather permitting.

The White Wolf Public Safety Burn

DATE: June 24, 2024

TIME: 8 pm – Midnight

LOCATION: Hwy 223 @ Hwy 58 

The White Wolf Public Safety Burn is located along Highway 223 between Arvin and Highway 58.  It is scheduled to be completed during the evening of June 24th.  The roadway will be closed during this time and motorists are advised to take an alternate route.  

The Interstate 5 Grapevine Flats Public Safety Burn

DATE: June 25-28

TIME: To be determined

LOCATION: Northbound I-5 @ Grapevine

The Interstate 5 Grapevine Flats Public Safety Burn will be conducted on the Northbound side of the interstate in between the Grapevine Exit and the Fort Tejon exit.  Ignition will begin on June 25th and is planned to be completed by June 28th with 3-4 days of burning occurring during this time period.  

What is a prescribed burn?

A prescribed burn, sometimes called controlled burn or public safety burn, is a prescription to treat an area through the reduction of vegetation to increase public safety. Specialists write this prescription to be carried out at a date, time, and manner to achieve the best results safely. The decision is made after an extensive and ongoing review of the location, vegetation types, vegetation moisture, weather, and burn history among other factors.

Why treat these areas?

Both public safety burns will help prevent a fire from extending from the roadway into the surrounding wildlands.  This protects the landscape and habitat from destructive, summertime wildland fires.  Additionally, these burns will reduce the likelihood that the communities of Digier Canyon, Lebec, Stallion Springs, Bear Valley Springs, Keene, and Hart Flat will be exposed to dangerous wildfire.  The Kern County Fire Department appreciates your support and cooperation to make these critical operations a success.

Community Message:

You may smell or see smoke. Whenever a fire is burning nearby, we recommend staying extra vigilant with regards to keeping informed about changes in fire activity. Register at for emergency notifications and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Your Kern County Fire Department continues to actively manage hazards to our communities through prescribed burns and mechanical treatments (fuel breaks created by heavy equipment). We encourage all residents to make sure they are maintaining the required defensible space around their home.

NEWS MEDIA: If you would like to attend the Hwy 223 public safety burn, please contact us at to RSVP.

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