Andrew Freeborn

Red Flag Warning For Parts of Kern County

KERN COUNTY, Calif., A “Red Flag Warning” is in effect for the Kern County Mountains, San Joaquin Valley, and West Hills through the morning of Tuesday, June 18th. A Red Flag Warning means elevated fire weather conditions exist, and any fires that occur will likely spread rapidly. This warning has been made due to gusty winds and very low relative humidity values.


In light of the extreme fire behavior potential, we are asking all to be mindful of their actions. If you are working around your property, think twice before beginning a project that can produce sparks. If you are towing a trailer, make sure your safety chains are not dragging on the ground. Planning a trip in your car? Check the tires, fluid levels, and general condition of the car before leaving. Any time winds are forecasted for the area you live in, walk around your property in advance and make sure nothing will blow into powerlines. Avoid target shooting outdoors where hot bullet fragments can ignite fires.

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