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KCFD Historic 2023 Emergency Response

KERN COUNTY, Calif., During 2023 the Kern County Fire Department has responded to multiple historic events within Kern County. In February and March Kern County firefighters went from digging citizens from their snow-covered homes to diverting water away from communities during major rains. An unprecedented snowmelt required a tremendous amount of coordination between local, state, and federal agencies as water levels raised to the tops of water ways. Then Tropical Storm Hilary led to multiple rescues, including nine people rescued by KCFD H407.


With all this local activity, the efforts of your Kern County firefighters to support others in need can often be overshadowed. Kern County firefighters have deployed to support emergency operations with Engine Strike Teams, Incident Management Team personnel, Fire Handcrews, Fire Heavy Equipment, Fire Helicopters, and Dispatchers. They have assisted with the Happy Camp Complex (CA), Smith River Complex (CA), Bonny Fire (CA), Chilcoot Fire (OR), Maui (HI), and the Ridge Fire (MT) to name a few.


Providing Mutual Aid to other counties and neighboring jurisdictions is critical to assisting other firefighters and communities that are impacted by disasters. Kern County benefits from this same Mutual Aid during emergencies that we experience locally. Kern County firefighters also gain invaluable knowledge and experience that they bring back to help keep our community safe.


  • To date in 2023, Kern County firefighters have responded to over 750 vegetation fires that when combined have burned over 12,000 acres locally.
  • To date in 2023, Kern County firefighters have assisted at 24 separate incidents outside of Kern County.
  • During August alone, over 100 firefighters assisted in incidents outside of Kern County.


To view significant incidents within Kern County, visit:


To view incidents in the State of California, visit: or


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