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Prescribed Burn

The Kern County Fire Department will be conducting a prescribed burn to increase public safety, weather permitting. 

DATE: May 4, 2022

TIME: 4 pm – Midnight 

LOCATION: Hwy 223 @ Hwy 58


What is a prescribed burn?

A prescribed burn, sometimes called a planned burn or controlled burn, is a prescription to treat an area through the reduction of vegetation to increase public safety. Specialists write this prescription to be carried out at a date, time, and manner to achieve the best results safely. The decision is made after an extensive and ongoing review of the location, vegetation types, vegetation moisture, weather, and burn history among other factors.


What should residents expect?

  • During the prescribed burn, traffic along Hwy 223 may be impacted. As a department we are coordinating with CHP and Caltrans to reduce this impact. Please be watchful for firefighters and reduce speed.
  • You may smell or see smoke. Whenever a fire is burning nearby, we recommend staying extra vigilant with regards to keeping informed about changes in fire activity. This can be done through tv, radio, or social media.

Your Kern County Fire Department continues to actively manage hazards to our community through prescribed burns and mechanical treatments (fuel breaks created by heavy equipment). We encourage all residents to make sure they are maintaining the required defensible space around their home. Register at ReadyKern.com for emergency notifications and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Community Reminder: The hazard reduction clearance deadline for properties is June 1st. 

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