Andrew Freeborn

May is Water Safety Month

National Water Safety Month is right around the corner. According to the California Water Safety Coalition, “Approximately 400 drowning deaths occur each year in California, in addition to non-fatal events resulting in another 400 hospitalizations and over 1,000 emergency department visits per year.” Sadly, each year we respond to a number of rescues in the Kern River alone.


As a department we continue to train and drill to keep our rescue skills sharp. This week, 65 firefighters completed training aimed at better preparing them for the difficult rescues in the Kern River they will make. Training included classroom instruction as well as simulated rescues in the Kern River.


Please enjoy the Kern River responsibly this year. If near the water or in the water, wear a personal floatation device. If rafting the river is in your plans, do so with an experienced guide.

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