Incident Report

Kern County Fire Department

Andrew Freeborn

Oregon Incident - 2 Alarm Response
DATE: May 9, 2024
TIME: 13:53

Incident Number


Incident tYPE

Outside Fire
Location: 4000 Block of Oregon St
Closest Community: Bakersfield
Cause: Under Investigation

Incident Narrative

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Thursday afternoon, Kern County firefighters responded to what was reported as a grass fire behind several homes. As dispatchers were gathering information the fire's description changed quickly. The reporting individual first stated the fire was small and within seconds stated the fire was growing rapidly and possibly burning homes.


When firefighters arrived a wall of fire was blowing toward them and the homes they parked in front of. Sheds, vehicles, grass, and trees were all on fire! It was a moment in which each firefighter had to act without delay. Homeowners were evacuated while fire hoses were stretched down the sides of homes to attack the fire. Where fire hoses could not reach immediately, garden hoses were used. One Fire Engineer was seen spraying water from the top of his Fire Engine. As all hands were actively fighting fire, a Battalion Chief recognized the dire need for a water supply to be established, before the fire engines ran out of water. Singlehandedly he stretched 300 feet of heavy large diameter supply hose from the fire engines to a fire hydrant, allowing the firefight to continue without interruption. Firefighters were determined to save the homes and they did. When the smoke settled the area was surveyed, and seven homes were saved. No families were displaced. The cause is under investigation.


Early in the incident one Kern County firefighter sustained an injury to the lower leg. The firefighter was treated on scene and transported to a local hospital for additional care.


Injuries: 1
Fatalities: 0

Property Lost/Saved

Estimated Value LOSS: $0
Estimated Value SAVED: $0

KCFD Equipment Assigned

Engines: E41, E42, E45
Patrols: P42
Trucks: T41
Specialty Equipment: INFO1, INFO2, MS6, AU2, AU3, C4, DIV2, SAFETY4

Total Personnel


Assisting Agencies

Bakersfield Fire Department, CHP, County Building Department, PG&E

On Call Fire Information Officer

Phone: 1-661-330-0133

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