Andrew Freeborn

Medic Squad 63 Saves a Life

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Wednesday, November 15th, KCFD Medic Squads officially began serving our citizens at 8:00 a.m. The need for this expanded service was cemented within mere hours as Medic Squad 63 was credited with saving a life.


MS63’s first response was for a patient reportedly in cardiac arrest in a rural outdoor location. While they were responding Kern County Emergency Communications Dispatchers directed bystanders to begin CPR. Upon arrival, firefighters found a single unconscious patient suffering from non traumatic cardiac arrest. Through the howling wind, and dust obscuring their vision, Advanced Life Support interventions were started. Thanks to those lifesaving actions a pulse was regained! The Firefighter Paramedic then continued to provide patient care while the patient was transported to a local area hospital. When asked about the patient’s condition afterwards the Firefighter Paramedic stated, “By the time we arrived at the hospital the patient was conscious and talking with us!”


The favorable outcome of this single emergency response, made possible by Measure K, is no doubt the first of many to come.

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