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Community Alert – Planned Training Burn

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., The Kern County Fire Department will be conducting “Wildland Hot Drills” in East Bakersfield, which will be referred to as the “Valley Training Burn”. These training burns will consist of live fire exercises, in dry grass, on approximately 40 acres of property.


The operations, designed for the training of newer firefighters, will provide the added if not greater benefit of increasing public safety due to the location chosen. Once completed, the burns will have eliminated dead and dry grasses that posed a wildfire threat to local residences.


Work on this training began in March to ensure it would be managed in a way that places the safety of firefighters and community members first. In preparation of ignition, the Kern County Fire Department has created fuel breaks on the property with heavy equipment and coordinated plans with utility companies and Air Pollution Control District.


Special thanks to the Bakersfield City Fire Department for their assistance in property selection and acquisition for these training burns.


Southeast corner of the intersection of HWY 178 and HWY 184.

Monday, September 25th
Wednesday, September 27th
Friday, September 29th

8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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