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Kern County Fire Department Gives Update on Snowmelt Projection Mapping

Kern County, CA

May 17, 2023

This morning, the Kern County Fire Department held a press conference to unveil our newest mapping projections for the predicted snowmelt within Kern County. Over the past few months, our County has experienced significant weather events, like atmospheric rivers, that has brought unprecedented amount of rain and snow into our mountain areas. This, in turn, is bringing an unprecedented amount of snowmelt. Before today, the only maps local officials had to reference were vastly overestimating the amount of water in potential flood areas, so the Kern County Fire Department’s technical and mapping team got to work. Our crews used Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to gather initial data, then physically sent crews into those areas to verify the UAS information. 

The Kern County Fire Department has put together these maps for public viewing. With so many variables involved, like weather and changes in water inflow/outflow, these documents will be updated regularly, as we continue gathering this valuable data. For a look into these maps, click here:

Snowmelt Projection Maps

We also would like to remind the public to sign up for all emergency alerts at ReadyKern.com. 




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