Andrew Freeborn

Sierra Way Road Closure

KERNVILLE, Calif., The following message is being issued regarding a road closure made by the Kern County Public Works Department.


A portion of roadway is IMPASSABLE to all travel where the roadway has washed out.
The following road closure has been updated to notify the public that the road is now IMPASSABLE: 

Sierra Way at the South Fork of the Kern River crossing, 1/2 mile north from the intersection of Sierra Way and Hwy 178.
Please avoid the section of closed roadway and never attempt to go around road closure barriers.
Access in and out of the areas of Sierra Way must be made through Kernville and Wofford Heights using Hwy 155 and Burlando Rd. All are encouraged to plan accordingly for the closure.


If the situation changes, an updated message will be sent. You are encouraged to take action immediately if you feel threatened, even if you have not received another ReadyKern message. If you have an emergency, call 911.


If you have any questions about the content of this message, please contact Kern County Information and Referral Services at 2-1-1. Thank you.

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