Andrew Freeborn

PMC Recovery Assistance

After more than a week of increased fire department staffing in our mountain community it was clear Pine Mountain Club needed yet further assistance due to the recent powerful winter storms.


Saturday morning Supervisor Zack Scrivner, 50 KCFD firefighters, and nearly a dozen operators with equipment from Kern County Public Works converged upon the mountain community. The goal? To clear the Club’s roadways which were still impassable, assist those with special needs to clear their driveways, open pathways for utility companies to restore services, and create a parking area for residents to pick up needed packages.


The day was bustling with activity. Propane companies delivering to homes, FedEx employees calling out names and addresses to an excited crowd that had gathered, neighbors digging each other’s vehicles out, firefighters shoveling snow, and heavy equipment plowing the streets.


Returning to normal will require more time, neighbors helping neighbors, homeowners coordinating with insurance companies, and the PMC Association’s commitment.


An important lesson has been reinforced throughout Kern County this February. Preparedness is key! It is each person’s responsibility to heed the warnings issued for forecasted weather, to have adequate amounts of non perishable food and water on hand, to plan for disruptions in utility and communication services, and in winter months alternative ways to keep warm.


For all wanting additional preparedness information a Community Preparedness Event will be held on March 25, 2023. Dozens of agencies will be on hand to provide information between 10 am and 2 pm at the CSUB campus.

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