Erica Bain

New Technology Gives High Speed Internet Capabilities to KCFD During Emergencies

The Kern County Fire Department has recently become one of the few agencies to have
access to high-speed, satellite-based internet with Space Exploration Technologies Corp,
also known as SpaceX, and its’ Starlink constellation.
This technology allows high speed internet connection anywhere in Kern County, which is
vital, when our coverage spans more than 8,000 square miles and has many
remote/wilderness areas with no or poor internet coverage.
Starlink is now assisting Kern County Fire Department during emergency incidents providing
critical connectivity to information when Firefighters need it most. Last week, during the
Thunder Fire, we were able to deploy Starlink to give high speed internet access to Incident
Commanders, Firefighters, and support staff. This helped provide data-driven decision making because of real-time intel received.
This is just another way your Kern County Fire Department is continuing to make strides to
bring 21st century technologies into the department to serve our communities efficiently and
Please direct any questions to our Public Information Officer (661) 330-0133.

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