Jawbone update 8.13

JAWBONE COMPLEX UPDATE: The fire is burning in the Jawbone Recreation Area, which is approximately ten miles West of the Jawbone Visitor Center.  Resources include 8 hand crews, 82 engines, 3 helicopters, 3 air tankers, 21 dozers, and 13 water tenders.  The total personnel assigned to the fire are 755.

Fire crews worked all night on both the Jawbone and Rim fires.  The Jawbone fire is currently 55% contained at 905 acres and the Rim fire is 17% contained at 6129 acres. The Rim Fire made a run to the South yesterday during the period of erratic winds and thunderstorm activity.  Today, three Blackhawk helicopters from the California Air National will continue to fly water-dropping and support missions on the fire.  Fire behavior today will continue to be influenced by thunderstorms that will develop through the area. There was confirmed loss to three windmills. The Jawbone Complex will continue to put up large columns of smoke into the air especially in the afternoon hours as things heat up.  Residents who live down wind from the fire may see ash falling.  

There are a number of isolated cabins and properties that are potentially in the path of the fire. As part of the ongoing planning process, contingencies for structure protection are being evaluated.  The fire is now burning into an area with no recorded fire history and the brush and trees are very receptive to the introduction of fire. There is a soft closure of Jawbone Canyon Road, which is the access point to the Jawbone Recreational area that will continue for the next few days.

Weather continues to be warm with the potential of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain over 95 degrees and humidity levels of 25% continue to make fire conditions and behavior very intense at times.

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