Out of County Resource Update

KCFD Out-of-County Resource Update

7/28/2015 @ 1310

Fires continue to burn around the state of California. The Kern County Fire Department has a significant resource commitment to the Willow Fire. KCFD Firefighters are also at the Lowell Fire, Wragg Fire, Queen Fire, and Cutca Fire.

Willow Fire: 83 Personnel

(1) Type 2 Strike Team (17 Personnel), (1) Type 3 Strike Team (17 Personnel), 1 Hot Shot Crew (21 Personnel), Helicopter 407 and Crew (12 Personnel), (1) Incident Management Team (10 Personnel), (1) Type 2 Engine (3 Personnel), (1) OES Communications Support Vehicle (2 Personnel), (1) Fireline Medic

Lowell Fire: 28 Personnel

(1) Type 3 Strike Team (22 Personnel), (6) Individual Resource

Wragg Fire: (2) Individual Resources

Queen Fire: (2) Individual Resources

Cutca Fire: (1) Individual Resource

Individual Resources include Safety Officers, Plans, Logistics, Base Managers, and other Incident Command Positions.

KCFD has a total of 116 Firefighters committed to fires around the state.



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