Rosewood Incident

Incident Name: Rosewood Incident
Incident Time:

1:02:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 9-07-2018
Incident Type: Outside Fire
Equipment Assigned:

Engines 41, 42, 45; Truck 41; Breathing Support 66; Safety Officers 2, 5; A-Unit 4; Battalion 4; KPIO

Bakersfield City Resources: Battalion 1; Engines 2, 8

Cause: Under Investigation
Injuries: None
Structure Value Saved: $400,000
Structure Value Lost: $150,000
Total Personnel: 32

Bakersfield, CA

Just after 1:00 p.m. multiple calls were received for a fire behind a house in the 6200 block of Rosewood Avenue. Firefighters noted that they could see a very large column of smoke while responding. When the first fire engine arrived they found a fire nearly 300 feet from the street behind the home. As the fire crews aggressively battled through the intense fire and smoke they found multiple vehicles and outbuildings on fire. Initial action was taken to keep the fire from spreading to neighboring properties. As additional firefighters arrived knockdown on the fire was declared. Multiple travel trailers, RV’s, automobiles, and storage buildings were destroyed in the fire. The decisive actions of KCFD firefighters, to keep the fire from spreading, saved much more property including two neighboring properties.

This was just one of multiple fires these crews have fought within the last 24 hours. This may have contributed to one firefighter displaying symptoms of possible heat exhaustion. The firefighter was monitored by Hall ambulance, treatment and transportation were not required. 

Assisting Agencies: Bakersfield City Fire Department; KCSO; Hall Ambulance 





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