Sterling Incident

Incident Name: Sterling Incident
Incident Time:

2:49:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 8-21-2018
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Equipment Assigned: Engines 41, 42, 45; Truck 41; Battalion 4; PIO; Safety 3; PIO; Breathing Support 66; Bakersfield City Truck 1 & Battalion 1
Cause: Undetermined
Injuries: None
Structure Value Saved: $150,000
Structure Value Lost: $50,000
Total Personnel: 22

Bakersfield, CA

The Kern County Fire Department received multiple calls for a structure fire near the intersection of Sterling Road and College Avenue. First arriving crews were on scene less than five minutes of the first call being received. Upon arrival firefighters found smoke coming from roof vents and eaves. A rapid assessment was made, determining that no other individuals were inside. Crews identified that they had a working attic fire. Decisive action was taken to protect as many personal belongings of the resident as possible, while simultaneously working to extinguish the fire. The work was labor intensive and coordinated between crews inside and ventilation operations on the roof. Due to the physically taxing work in the hot weather KCFD Breathing Support 66 was tasked with providing rehab for on scene personnel. There were no injuries to firefighters, residents, or animals.

One individual, who called 911, also alerted the resident to the hazard. This allowed the resident and her dog to escape without injury. The Kern County Fire Department reminds our customers that working smoke detectors are essential to the safety of you and your family

Assisting Agencies: Kern County Building Department, California Highway Patrol






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