Pellisier Incident

Incident Name: Pellisier Incident
Incident Time: 12:45:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 5-24-2018
Incident Type: HAZ-MAT
Equipment Assigned: Engines 18, 12, 51; Safety Officer;  Battalion 1
Injuries: 9
Total Personnel: 19

Stallion Springs,  CA

Around 12:45 p.m. the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a possible hazardous material exposure at the Tehachapi Hospital in the 100 block of West E Street.  First arriving crews were told that a single patient had been working in a greenhouse this morning when she felt ill and went to the hospital. While been treated at the hospital, hospital staff begun to experience the same symptoms as the patient. The hospital contacted the Kern County Fire Department, isolated the exposed people and began a decontamination process. Fire crews backed out and called the Haz-Mat unit and environmental health to help I.D. the material. An additional fire engine was sent to the greenhouse that the initial patient had been working in the 26000 block of Pellisier in Stallion Springs to investigate.  Three more people were sent to the hospital after complaining of feeling ill.  The Fire Dept  began the decontamination process on the additional patients. Technical referencing was done on 3 possible chemicals. It was determined the type of product used in the greenhouse as an applicant soap that had been applied the night before.  The hospital was partially closed for about 2 hours while patients could be decontaminated and the exposures contained. In total 4 civilians and 5 hospital personnel were exposed.  There were no exposures to fire personnel.

Evacuations:  None- No immediate threat to homes.

Assisting Agencies Tehachapi Police Department, Environmental Health, Hall Ambulance, Adventist Health



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