Mil Potrero Incident

Incident Name: Mil Potrero Incident
Incident Time: 6:00:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 5-10-2018
Incident Type: Technical Rescue
Equipment Assigned: Engines 58, 357, 56; Patrol 58; Battalion 5
Victims Rescured: 1 adult
Total Personnel: 10

Pine Mountain,  CA

At 6:00 PM this evening , the Kern County Fire Department responded to an elderly male that slipped and fell about 100’ in steep, rocky terrain. The victim was there approximately 2-3 hours before a passer bye spotted him.  

Arriving crews sent a Firefighter paramedic over the side to assess and stabilize the victim.  Other crews set up a low angle rope system to bring him up to the roadside where he was transferred to ambulance paramedics. Thanks to the quick assessment and actions of the KCFD this very technical rescue was executed successfully and without any further injury to the victim. No Fire personnel were injured.

Assisting Agencies: Hall Ambulance, KCSO, CHP


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