Flower Incident

Incident Name: Flower Incident
Incident Time: 10:11:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 4-22-2017
Incident Location: 1900 block of Flower Street
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Equipment Assigned:

Engines 41, 42; Truck 41; Battalion 4; PIO 2; Arson Units 3, 7 & 8;

BS 66; Bakersfield Engines 2, 8; Truck 1; Battalion 1

Personnel: 38


Delano,  CA

At approximately 16:40 the Kern County Fire Department received multiple calls for a fire in a cold storage unit. A second alarm dispatch was started due to the size of the facility. The first engine arrived on scene to a large cold storage complex with smoke showing deep inside the building. Crews made an aggressive attack on the fire confining the fire to a small area of the building. A primary and secondary search was conducted and was all clear. All occupants made it out of the structure safely. Cause of the fire was a light fixture. There were no injuries to firefighters as a result of this fire. 

Assisting Agencies: Delano Police, Kern County Health Department.   

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