Swiftwater Rescue

Incident Name: Swift Water Rescue Incident
Incident Time: 3:40:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 1-22-2017
Incident Location: Williams Road at Johns Road
Incident Type: Swift Water Rescue
Equipment Assigned:

Engines 378, 11, 71, 72, 76;

Patrol 72, 78, 71; Battalion 7;

USAR 52; Safety Officer;

Information 1

Personnel: 20+


Piute,  CA

Just before 4:00 this afternoon, the Kern County Fire Station 78 in Piute received a call for an elderly couple trapped in a car surrounded by fast moving flood waters. Station 78 started a rescue response.  Upon arrival, Kern County Firefighters from the Piute Fire Station found a pickup truck with an elderly couple inside. The vehicle was surrounded by approximately 12-18 inches of water and 10 feet from dry land. The KCFD Captain sent personnel down stream with rope bags as a precaution. The remaining personnel were able to safely remove the couple to dry land.  There were no apparent injuries, just fatigue. 

Additional Information:  KCFD advises to never cross flowing water. Currents can be moving much faster than they appear

Assisting Agencies: Liberty Ambulance

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