Tehachapi Hospital Explosion

Incident Name: Tehachapi Hospital Explosion
Incident Time: 11:05 a.m.
Incident Date: 05-26-2014
Incident Location: 15 W E Street, Techachapi, CA
Incident Type: Structure
Resources Used: 3 Engines, 4 Overhead, 18 Personnel

Fire crews responded to the Tehachapi Hospital for a report of an explosion in the hospital laboratory. Upon arrival fire crews assisted the hospital staff with patient and staff evacuation of the facility and started to do a search for the cause of the incident. On initial contact the staff reported an acrid smell that was noticed by the staff and this time the KCFD Haz Mat 66 was started to the incident. After further investigation the cause of the small explosion was determined to be a capacitor on the back of a refrigerator in the laboratory used to store laboratory and bio-hazard specimens. Firefighters assisted with ventilating the building and clearing out the odor. Firefighters and Kern County Environmental Health Dept. determined the hospital was clear to allow patients and staff back into the facility.                                                                         

Current Situation:  All patients have been returned to the facility and there were no reported injuries. The hospital staff is repairing the refrigerator unit.


There were approximately 17 patients and 12 staff members in the facility on arrival. The hospital did an excellent job on the evacuation after having a definitive emergency plan in place.


Cooperating Agencies: Tehachapi PD, Environmental Health, Private ambulance
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