Erskine Incident

Incident Name: Erskine Incident
Incident Time: 4:22:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-23-2015
Incident Location:

South end of Erskine Creek Road

Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Resources Used:

Kern County: Engines 72, 371, 376;

Patrols 72, 476, 78, 36; Crew 7;

Dozers 3, 5, Manager; Helicopter

407;  Wt 11;  Battalions 4, 7, 8

US Forest Service: 3 Engines; 2

Patrols; Hand Crew; Helicopter 523;

2 Battalion Chiefs;

3 Law Enforcement Officers

Personnel: 80


South End of Erskine Creek Road, Lake Isabella, CA

Shortly before 4:30 PM on Saturday, the Kern County Fire Department received a report of some grass fires near the South end of Erskine Creek Road. Because of the potential of a drought-impacted watershed, a reinforced alarm was initiated and crews were dispatched. First arriving crews discovered four separate fires threatening a structure and some fences and determined that the blaze could be controlled with a reduced response. Most incoming equipment was returned and the fires were controlled in approximately one hour, with a combined area of about two acres. Assisting personnel from the US Forest Service, BLM and the Kern County Sheriff coordinated efforts to mitigate loss to approximately $ 500 of fence. No structures were damaged and no injuries were reported. Fire crews are remaining throughout the evening to mop up and to monitor the area for hot spots. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Kern County Fire Department urges the public to clear grass from around their fence lines and to provide a defensible space around structures to reduce the threat to life and property.














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