58 Incident

Incident Name: 58 Incident
Incident Time: 2:15:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-11-2015
Incident Location:

Highway 58 East of Caliente cut off

Incident Type: Technical Rescue
Resources Used:

Engines 11, 12, 13, 45; Battalion 1; PIO 

Personnel: 23


Hwy 58 East of Caliente, CA

Shortly after 2:10 this afternoon, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a two vehicle accident on west bound 58 just east of the Caliente cut off. The first arriving Kern County Engine reported two vehicles involved, one pulled off to the side of the highway and the second approximately 500' over the side. Firefighters provided a medical assessment of three patients along Highway 58. Two of the patients were found to be green tags and the third, who was ejected from the vehicle, was deceased. The second vehicle had two red tag patients, both of which were flown to KMC in an unknown condition. CHP assisted with traffic control on west bound 58 while rescue personnel provided patient care. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Assisting Agencies: California Highway Patrol, Hall Ambulance, KC Sheriff Department, Medivac 1, Mercy Air 14

Additional Information: The Kern County Fire Department would like to remind residents to slow down and be aware of emergency personnel during accidents along any major highway or road.









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