Grape Incident

Incident Name: Grape Incident
Incident Time: 1:21:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-1-2015
Incident Location:

South Bound I-5, Upper Water Hole

Incident Type: Wildland  Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 55, 56, 57, 357; Truck 55;

Patrol 51, 52, 57; Water Tender

55; Helicopter 407; Crew 10;

Battalion 5; Information 1 

Personnel: 44


Lebec, CA

Just before 1:30 this afternoon, the Kern County FireDepartment received a call from CHP advising of a Toyota Prius on fire with approximately 20x20 feet of grass on fire. Units from Lebec, Frazier Park, Tejon, Lamont and Greenfield responded to the incident along with Crew 10 out of Lebec. Truck 55 extinguished the vehicle fire while other KCFD units tied into roads and extended hose lines around the fire. KCFD Helicopter 407 also responded from Keene and made multiple water drops holding the fire to 6.7 acres. A fast uphill rate of spread toward homes in Digier Canyon prompted the Incident Commander to order Fire Engines for structure protection. As crews were able to get the upper hand on this fire, those extra resources were cancelled. Environmental Health was responded to evaluate leaking battery acid from the vehicle.

Evacuations: Initiated in Digier Canyon and cancelled

Road Closures: CHP closed the #3 and #4 lanes but they have since been reopened

Assisting Agencies: CHP, KC Environmental Health, USFS (1 Division Chief and 1 Engine)

Additional Information:  Earlier today, Kern County Firefighters and community supporters had gathered at Station 56 in Lebec to declare the Re-Opening of Golden Empire Crew 10. The extra firefighters on this 16-person hand crew proved extremely valuable for Initial Attack only hours later on this fire.











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