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Kern County Fire Department

Andrew Freeborn

Boron Incident - Hazmat Response
DATE: February 26, 2024
TIME: 07:24

Incident Number


Incident tYPE

Location: 27000 Block of Anderson St.
Closest Community: Boron

Incident Narrative

BORON, Calif., On February 26th, 2024, at 7:24 a.m. Kern County firefighters were dispatched to a report of a medical emergency for an individual exposed to a hazardous substance. Upon arrival, the Captain from Engine 87 made contact with the patient from a distance and determined that the individual had been exposed to mercury, a toxic hazardous chemical. The emergency call was upgraded to a hazmat response, dispatching the Kern County Fire Hazmat Team from Bakersfield. The on-scene firefighters conducted fact-finding and were informed that the patient had driven a vehicle with a significant amount of mercury spilled inside. The patient was instructed to self-decontaminate by removing clothing, proceeding inside to shower with soap and water, then dressing in clean clothes. As a precaution, the patient and two other occupants of the home were instructed to come outside until the interior of the home could be cleared of hazards.

Hazmat 65 with its 7-firefighter hazmat team arrived on scene and began preparations to make entry. Hazmat firefighters in protective suits entered the premises. Using a mercury vapor monitor, the hazmat specialists carefully checked the 3 individuals. All readings were well beneath safety thresholds. An area hospital was informed of the situation and the 3 individuals were cleared to be transported to the hospital for further testing. The interior of the home was also monitored and found clear of contaminants.

The scene was left in care of Kern County Environmental Health who stated that a professional cleanup crew would be retrieving the contaminated vehicle.  

No injuries to first responders were reported. 


Injuries: 3
Fatalities: 0

Property Lost/Saved

Estimated Value LOSS: $0
Estimated Value SAVED: $0

KCFD Equipment Assigned

Engines: E65, E87
Patrols: None
Trucks: None
Specialty Equipment: HM65, BATT8, SF1, INFO1, DIV3

Total Personnel


Assisting Agencies

Hall Ambulance, Kern County Environmental Health, Kern County Sheriff

On Call Fire Information Officer

Phone: 1-661-330-0133

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