Effective 8 pm August 6, 2017, the Evacuation Advisory for residents of Wofford Heights for the Calgary Fire was lifted by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office as requested by the Calgary Fire Incident Commander. Please remain vigilant and monitor official sources for updated fire information.

Kern County Information and Referral Services: 2-1-1

Health Issues:  Limit prolonged outdoor activities in areas experiencing smoke from forest fires.  The elderly, young children and people with asthma, chronic respiratory illness or heart disease may be particularly prone to adverse health effects from heavy smoke, or air quality updates, please visit San Joaquin Valley Air Control at 

Fire crews and equipment will remain in the area. Fire Department and Utility Company, staff, vehicles and equipment remain in the area. Residents should exercise appropriate caution around them. 

Hazards: Returning residents are also cautioned that ash and debris from burned buildings may be hazardous. If it becomes necessary for you to come into contact with ash and debris on your property, you should take steps to help protect yourself such as:

  1. Wear a dust mask
  2. Wearing gloves, long sleeves and pants to minimize ash contact with skin.
  3. Wetting down ash and debris to minimize inhaling dust particles. 

The Kern County public Health Department will provide more information about ash and debris cleanup and removal to affected residents in the coming days.

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