KCFD Paramedics Provide Advanced Life Support to Mountain Community

July 6, 2017

Over the July 4th weekend Paramedics at Kern County Fire Station 58 in Pine Mountain Club received two separate calls within three days of each other for a member of the community in full cardiac arrest.

On July 1st at approximately 6:00 p.m. Station 58 received a call for a cardiac arrest in progress. Fire Dispatch was able to instruct bystanders on scene to begin CPR while waiting arrival of Paramedics. Engine 58 Firefighter/Paramedics arrived on scene within minutes and performed Advanced Cardiac Life Support interventions. Paramedics aggressively performed life-saving efforts which included a wide variety of interventions from CPR, administration of medication and airway intubation. After 27 minutes Paramedics assessed and found that the patient had regained a sustainable pulse and blood pressure. This patient was flown to a hospital via helicopter for further treatment.

On July 3rd, at approximately 9:53 a.m. the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a cardiac arrest in Pine Mountain Club. Within 4 minutes of receiving the call, Engine 58 Firefighter/Paramedics arrived on scene to find a patient lying in his yard unresponsive, pulseless and not breathing. Again, Emergency Medical Dispatchers instructed bystanders to begin administering CPR prior to fire department arrival. Immediately upon arriving at the patient, the crew initiated advanced cardiac life support including CPR, manual ECG interpretation and defibrillation, IV access, administering cardiac medication and airway intubation. After 12 minutes of providing this care, and after 2 shocks being delivered, the patient regained a pulse and an adequate blood pressure. Due to his delicate condition, the crew continued Advanced Life Support and treated the patient with additional medications and manual ventilations to help sustain life until eventually being transported via helicopter to a local hospital. By the time the patient was being loaded onto the helicopter for transportation to the hospital, he had begun to regain his ability to breathe on his own.

Station 58 is located in the remote area of Pine Mountain Club and is the only full time station in Kern County where Paramedic services are available. Paramedic services have been in a place at Pine Mountain Club for approximately 10 years after an intense campaign by members of the community for the addition of this service. Pine Mountain Club, being located in a remote area of Kern County has at least a 20 minute wait time for an ambulance to arrive with Paramedics. With Firefighter/Paramedics assigned to Station 58, life-saving interventions can be administered within minutes. The two incidents referenced above are just a small example of the skills and capabilities performed by Kern County Firefighter/Paramedics on a daily occurrence.

Kern County Fire would also like to recognize our Kern County Emergency dispatchers and Hall Ambulance Paramedics for their response and support during these incidents. This is a great example of the TEAM effort within our emergency response community.  


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