Shortly before 1:00 p.m., on May 30th, nineteen year-old Terrence Leonard collapsed while playing basketball.  As he lie unconscious and unresponsive, his friends dialed 9-1-1 for assistance.  Their call was answered by emergency dispatchers who alerted Kern County Fire Station 41 and coached the young man’s companions in the practice of CPR.  Several minutes later fire personnel arrived and continued resuscitation efforts until the arrival of Hall Ambulance crew.  The responders continued advanced life support measures to keep Terrence’s heart beating until he was delivered into the care of doctors and nurses at the emergency room. Today, Terrence met with many of the people who assisted with saving his life.  Hall Ambulance hosted the meeting and presented the emergency personnel with awards to commemorate the incident.  While the emergency responders expressed humble gratitude for the awards, they each declared that the best part was being able to see Terrence alive and healthy.   



                               Photo left to right: Zack Regan, Mark Loewen, MD, Josh Edwards, Brook Carmona,

         Terrence Edwards, Beth Garcia, Todd Baca, James Dowell, Julio Montero.  


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