Incident Name: Barrel Incident
Incident Time:

3:02:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 5-16-2019
Incident Type: Wildland Fire
Equipment Assigned: Engines 24,26, 8531; Patrols 24, 25, 31; Water Tender 51
Cause: Unknown
Acres: 56
Containment: 100%
Injuries: None
Total Personnel: 14

Lost Hills, CA

At 3:02 p.m. Kern County Fire Department Emergency Dispatchers were notified of a fire near Highway 46 and Kecks Road. A vegetation fire response was dispatched and first arriving firefighters found a fire approximately 10 to 12 acres in size burning grass in rolling hills. The fire was threatening nearby orchards and bee boxes. Firefighters worked quickly to save bee boxes and used existing roads to limit fire spread. Approximately 140 out of 200 bee boxes were saved from the spreading fire. The fire was contained to 56 acres. The cause of this fire is unknown. There were no injuries reported by civilians or firefighters. 




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