Incident Name: Aleutian Incident
Incident Time: 05:27:00 p.m.
Incident Date: 5-27-2018
Incident Type: Hoist Rescue
Equipment Assigned: Engines 58, 357; Patrol 58; Helicopter 408; REM 52; Safety Officer; PIO; Battalion 5
Victims Rescued: 1
Injuries: Patient Refusal
Total Personnel: 16

Pine Mountain,  CA

Tonight, a rescue response was dispatched by the Kern County Fire Department for a report of a possible lost hiker suffering an unknown medical condition. Some of the rescue assets that responded included Kern County Fire Helicopter 408 and the Rapid Extrication Module Response also known as REM 52. Engine crews also had to utilize a type 3 and a type 6 fire engines because of the terrain. Ground crews began driving and then hiking into the area. With assistance of the husband, responding crews were able to find the female. Helicopter 408 lowered down a rescue medic to the victim and hoisted her from the site and brought her to Kern County Fire Station 58 where crews then transferred care to Hall Ambulance for further evaluation.

Assisting Agencies Hall Ambulance, KCSO

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