Incident Name: Hazardous Materials Release Alta Incident
Incident Time: 11:15 a.m.
Incident Date: 05-29-2014
Incident Location: 700 Block of South China Lake
Incident Type:  Hazardous Materials
Resources Used: 3 Engines, 1 Patrols, 1 Haz Mat Unit, 4 Overhead
Number of Personnel: 16
Assisting Agencies:

Environmental Health, Private Ambulance

Cause:  Roofing Materials


Hazardous Materials Release - Alta

Fire Crews were alerted to patients down in the Alta One Credit Union in Ridgecrest. When crews arrived, they evacuated the building and treated the patients that were complaining of difficulty breathing and dizziness. There was work being done on the roof and the fumes had made their way into the building. Crews shut down the HVAC unit and ventilated the building for over an hour to make sure that it was confirmed clear of all fumes. The building was then turned back over to bank management. 

Additional Information - Kern County Fire Department wants to remind all citizens to make sure to be safe when working with chemicals and make sure to use them in properly vented areas. 


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