Incident Name: Vineland Incident
Incident Time: 6:48:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-31-2015
Incident Location:

North of Redbank Road on Vinelarnd


Incident Type: Grass Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 45, 345, 41, 42;  Patrol 41,

42, 51;  Battalion 6; KCFD

Investigation Unit; Information 1

Personnel: 19


East Bakersfield, CA

Just after 6:45 this evening, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a grass fire north of Redbank Road on Vineland Road. Two KCFD fire-fighters passing through the area were the first on scene and reported two acres of grass on fire moving at a rapid rate of spread. As more fire-fighters arrived, they worked to tie into existing roads and stop the spread of the fire. The fire moved in the south-east direction, fuelled by dry grass and 10-15 mph winds. The fire has been contained at 24 acres. Crews have mopped up the fire and have completed assignment. KCFD Fire Investigators are looking into the cause.

Evacuations: None

Road Closures: None


















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