Incident Name: Pond Incident
Incident Time: 9:32:00 pm
Incident Date: 05-26-2015
Incident Location:

33300 Block of Pond Road

Incident Type: Trench Rescue
Resources Used:

Engines 33, 34, 37;  Truck 65; Urban

Search and Rescue 61; Battalion 3;

Safety 3; Information 1

Personnel: 18


Delano, CA

Just after 9:30 AM this morning, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for an adult male trapped by a trench collapse. The accident occurred at a grape vineyard 4.5 miles east of Highway 99, between Delano and McFarland. Workers there were installing a drainage system. Engine 33 from McFarland was the first unit on scene and made contact with the patient who was still in the trench. Fellow workers had entered the trench to dig the patient out and had freed his legs prior to firefighter arrival. Fire crews helped bring the patient out of the trench on a backboard. The patient was immobilized on the backboard as a precaution and he was loaded onto a Delano Ground Ambulance. KCFD crews and Delano Ambulance rendezvoused with Hall Air Ambulance Medevac-1 at a nearby landing site. The patient was flown to Kern Medical Center.

Assisting Agencies: Delano Ambulance, Hall Ambulance
















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