Incident Name: 21 Incident
Incident Time: 9:58:00 am
Incident Date: 10-17-2014
Incident Location: 1st & G Street, McKittrick
Incident Type: Hazardous Materials
Resources Used: 2 Engines, 1 Truck, 1 HazMat Unit, 3 Overhead
 Personnel  18


Hazardous Materials - 1st & G Street, McKittrick

Just before 10:00 AM this morning, three adults arrived at Kern County Fire Station 21 seeking medical aid. The individuals were decontaminated, treated for an unknown chemical exposure, and one was immediately transported to a local hospital. After further investigation, Kern County Firefighters initiated a Hazardous Materials Response to the reported location of the exposure.  The Hazmat crew worked together with Environmental Heath to identify the chemical involved and determine if any further action would be required and to ensure that the chemical didn't continue to pose a threat for others in the community. The patients had been digging in their backyard near 1st and G Street in McKittrick, when they struck a glass container holding what was determined to be an organophosphate. The remaining material was collected and removed from the scene for disposal.

Assisting Agencies:  Environmental Health, Hall Ambulance.




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