To: All Media, Fire Personnel

Contact: Captain Nate Perkins, Public Information Officer, (661) 330-0133

Subject: July 4th Fireworks Statistics

July 5, 2019

Kern County Fire Department working in conjunction with Bakersfield City Fire Department recorded the following statistics from July 4th firework activity:
Citations written:
Taskforce - 20

Fireworks Task Force Call Center:

Bakersfield Fire  259 Calls
Kern County Fire 300 Calls
Total 559 Calls

Calls Taken By Dispatch

Bakersfield Fire 55 Calls
Kern County Fire 58
Total 113

Total Calls Handled by ECC for 4th
24 hr period - 1,543
From 2000-2400--482

Pounds of Fireworks Seized
400 lbs.

Fireworks Booth Information

Fireworks Booth Permits 144
Permit Cost $325
Total Collected $46,800
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