To: All Media, Fire Personnel

Contact: Engineer Andrew Freeborn,  Public Information Officer, (661) 330-0133

Subject: Firefighter Injury

January  12, 2019

Today while on the Taft Incident, a firefighter from the Kern County Fire Department was injured. The injury occurred around 2:30 am. The firefighter was actively engaged in fire suppression efforts at the time of the injury. The injury occurred when the firefighter fell approximately three feet through flooring weakened by fire. After falling the firefighter was assisted by other firefighters to exit the residence. Fire operations continued while the firefighter was attended to. The firefighter was triaged and transported by a Hall ambulance, who had been requested to respond and stage on scene by the Incident Commander, for potential medical emergencies involving occupants or firefighters. The firefighter was transported to a local hospital for treatment and has been released.
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