Erskine Fire Update - Kern County Fire Chief Brian Marshall says the Erskine Fire started as a result of a faulty electrical line in a tree. Marshall said the hot molten material from the private line dropped in some grass and started the fire.  In a news conference, Thursday afternoon, Marshall also stated the investigation will be handed over to the Bureau of Land Management.

Because the land the fire started on is leased by the Bureau of Land Management, it will take over the investigation.

Kern County Fire announced a partnership with the state Office of Emergency Services and FEMA to provide 27 manufactured housing units to help some fire victims recover.

The BLM will review the documents over the next several weeks to determine if any legal action will be taken.

Kern River Archers said in a statement that it has fully cooperated with the investigation and has no public comment at this time.

Meanwhile, Friday marks six months since the devastating fire scarred Lake Isabella and surrounding areas.  

The cause of that destructive inferno remained unsolved for months.  

The fire captured the nation's attention as millions watched in disbelieve as the fire flattened communities 

County Fire crews arrived within 8 minutes of the call out for the Erskine Fire.  

The fire started just before 4:00 p.m. on June 23 near Appolo Way and Erskine Creek Road. 

Less than 30 minutes from the initial call, the 35 miles per hour wind pushed the fire up the hill toward Cook Peak.  

By 4:30, the focus shifted as the fire raced towards homes into Squirrel Mountain Valley. 

But the fire continued to grow, threatening hundreds of homes in Mountain Mesa.  Two hours after the first call, the fire was out of control as it continued to burn through dry vegetation.  

By the time it was contained, nearly 48,000 acres were charred.  Over 300 structures were destroyed.  And two people an elderly couple lost their lives.  

On Friday night, six months after the fire ignited, we will have a special in-depth report on what has happened in the communities devastated by the Erskine Fire.

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