Incident Name: Pegasus Incident
Incident Time:

7:55:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 11-15-2019
Incident Type: Hazardous Materials
Equipment Assigned: Engine 61; HazMat 66; Patrol 66; Safety 4; KPIO; Battalion 6
Hazardous Material: Sodium Amide
Injuries:  None
Total Personnel: 11

Bakersfield, CA

Just before 8:00 p.m. this evening, the Kern County Fire Department along with Kern County Environmental Health, responded to reports of a potential Hazardous Materials incident. Upon arrival at the Nusil facility on Pegasus drive, firefighters from Engine 61 confirmed the facility had been evacuated and isolated the area, allowing HazMat 66 to proceeded with their investigation. HazMat 66 was directed to a 55 gallon barrel which was “bulging.”  The barrel was used previously to store Sodium Amide which reacted with the water it had been
cleaned with. It was determined that the barrel was empty, the chemical reaction had stopped and the barrel was no longer a hazard. The barrel was left on scene for Nusil employees to dispose of.

Evacuations:  Nusil facility.

Assisting Agencies:  Kern County Environmental Health and Hall Ambulance.

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