Incident Name: Piute Incident
Incident Time:

3:45:00 a.m.

Incident Date: 9-14-2019
Incident Type: Vehicle Rescue
Equipment Assigned: Engines 11, 78; Helicopter 408
Injuries: 5 Minor

Piute, CA

At 03:45 p.m. Kern County Firefighters were dispatched to reports of a vehicle over the side of Piute Mountain Road. The vehicle occupants were able to call 911, but due to a language barrier were unable to direct units to the location of the car.  Our Emergency Communications Center (ECC) was able to use the reverse 911 system and pinpoint the location using GPS. The excellent work of ECC allowed Helicopter 408 to locate the vehicle within 8 minutes of launch. The vehicle was approximately 400 feet down the hill.  Helicopter 408 lowered a paramedic/firefighter by hoist down to the vehicle to assess the victims.  Once on site it was determined there were 5 patients inside the vehicle with minor injuries. Firefighters assisted with walking the patients back up to the road where they were transported by ground ambulance. 

Additional Information: The Kern County Fire Department would like to remind citizens to sign up for reverse 911 and ReadyKern systems to prepare for an emergency.  Information is available for both at


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