Incident Name: Decator Incident
Incident Time:

11:09:00 p.m.

Incident Date: 4-1-2019
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Equipment Assigned:

KCFD Engines 63, 64; Battalion 6; Safety 5

BFD Engine 4

Injuries: None
Cause: Unknown
Total Personnel: 11

Bakersfield, CA

At 11:09 p.m. the Kern County Emergency Communications Center was notified of a structure fire in the 200 block of Decatur Street in Bakersfield, CA. Upon arrival fire crews observed fire from the rear and roof area of a home approximately 1,200 square foot in size. The decision was made due to the amount of fire involvement and hazards presented at the scene, to enter the structure after fire intensity could be reduced by exterior firefighting tactics. After the fire intensity was reduced, firefighters entered the structure to perform a search for possible occupants and complete fire extinguishment. While transients were reported in the area just hours prior to the incident there were no occupants found inside the home. There were no injuries reported to civilians or fire personnel.  

Assisting Agencies: Bakersfield City Fire, PG&E, CHP, Oildale Mutual Water Company





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