Incident Name: Mary Incident
Incident Time: 9:05:00 pm
Incident Date: 03-25-2015
Incident Location: 300 Block of Mary Street, Maricopa
Incident Type: Structure Fire
Resources Used:

Engines 22, 21, 23, 24; Truck 21; Battalions 2 & 5;




Structure Fire - 300 Block of Mary Street, Maricopa

Just after 9:00 PM this evening, the Kern County Fire Department received a call for a structure fire in the 300 block of Mary Street. The call came from the homeowner who reported flames from the washer/dryer electrical outlet. The homeowner reported that everyone was out of the home, but that there were guns and approximately 6000 rounds of ammunition in the front of the home. The first arriving crew encountered an 800 square foot residence with 50% fire involvement to the rear of the home. Crews deployed a hose line around the structure to extinguish the fire. Shortly after, secondary arriving crews entered the structure to salvage belongings, including the guns and ammunition. The ammunition was not exposed to the fire and there were no injuries. The fire was fully contained in approximately 15 minutes. The structure sustained major damage. The Kern County Building Department was called to assess the home and PG&E responded to shut off the utilities.

Assisting Agencies Kern County Sheriff's Office (traffic control), Kern County Building Department, PG&E





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