Incident Name: Hazardous Materials Release Incident
Incident Time: 12:11:00 am
Incident Date: 08-05-2014
Incident Location: South H and Curnow
Incident Type: Hazardous Materials
Resources Used: 1 Engine, 1 Haz Mat Unit, 3 Overhead
 Personnel  12


Hazardous Material - South H & Curnow


Current Situation: The Kern County Fire Department received calls for an odor in the area of South H and Curnow. The first arriving engine crew observed a 1,000 gallon nurse tank of Anhydrous Ammonia with a leak escaping from the top of the tank. The tank was located on the side of the road on Curnow next to a crop field. Kern County Fire Department Hazmat Team and Environmental Health were notified. CHP and Bakersfield PD were called to close down access to Curnow from South H and Union. The Hazmat Team and Environmental Health arrived on scene, suited up in protective equipment and investigated the leak. The leak was found to be originating from both a vapor line and liquid line on top of the tank. The crew shut down the leak by turning the valves closed. Curnow was reopened once the vapors had evaporated.

Evacuations: No evacuations were enacted.

Road Closures: Curnow between Taft Hwy and Union for approximately 2 hours.

Cooperating Agencies: California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield Police Department, and Kern County Environmental Health

Additional Information: There is no danger to the residents in the area. The product evaporated once the valves were closed.





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